We hereby would like to inform, following up on some complaints received, that one of our brands, namely “Eject” has been viciously misused on a website available through the following link: lu-halter-lu.ch.

We stress that “Perfect Eject, SA”, owner of – among others – the brand previously mentioned, did not establish any kind of partnership with the company that runs the above mentioned website, which is not even known by our company. As a result, we have already taken proper measures to handle the wrongful and criminal usurpation of our brands and forwarded this issue to the competent authorities.

Lastly, we kindly request our customers to please be cautious and not place any orders at the above mentioned website. Furthermore, we take this opportunity to ask you to extend this cautiousness while confirming the reliability of other websites.

In view of the above considerations, as you may understand, we reject any accountability that might possibly arise from this misuse of our brands.

Our kindest regards

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